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Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce honors soybean farmer leader

The Jordan Scott family is the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce 2023 Farm Family of the Year. Scott, the immediate past president of the South Dakot...

5 Ways to Protect Your Soybean Crop from Drought

Educational resources from Soybean Checkoff provide lessons in science, history, and more

South Dakota students are finding their place in the world, and it’s thanks to a tiny bean. Lessons developed with soybean checkoff dollars are helping stu...

Rows of healthy agricultural soybean crops. Beautiful sunset landscape.

On A Mission: How Trade Visits Impact Demand For U.S. Soybeans

Checkoff-sponsored trade missions help South Dakota soybean growers build strong relationships with buyers around the world.

SDSA Elects New Board Director and Leadership

Soy-based fuels have a positive economic impact

Growth continues with even more demand for soy-based combustibles, partly because of diversification into the sustainable aviation fuels sector.

Soybean Perspectives: Checkoff Board Members Reflect on 2022

It was a busy and productive year for South Dakota Soybean. Read reflections from three South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council directors as th...

Forty years hence, founders recall SD Soybean’s start

The South Dakota Soybean Association (SDSA) has reached a milestone. The organization is 40 years old this year. The process of being chartered took years ...

Beck, Scott, and Vasgaard Awarded at 2022 AgOutlook

Checkoff helps to keep soybeans and soybean meal moving

South Dakota Soybean Checkoff invests $175 thousand in infrastructure improvements to rail transportation links to Pacific Northwest ports.

The Future Looks Bright Thanks To Soy-Based Innovation

Imagine a sustainable, renewable future where the world runs on soy-based innovation.

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