Hungry For Truth

We all think about food at least three times a day and lately there is a lot to think about. From the amount of calories to where our food was grown, consumers have more information than ever about the nutrition, health and safety of our food choices. They also have more questions than ever.

These questions are very important, and many consumers are not sure where to turn for trustworthy answers. South Dakota soybean farmers believe when the subject is food and how it’s raised, there are no better sources of information than the people who grow it.

That’s where “Hungry for Truth” comes in.

The “Hungry for Truth” initiative by the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council is designed to open conversations between farmers and South Dakotans about food and farming. It will give people the chance to share thoughts about food with farmers while learning how farmers raise food and work to keep it safe. The Hungry for Truth initiative is funded exclusively by South Dakota soybean farmers through the soybean checkoff.

The focal point of “Hungry for Truth” – thematically and literally – is the dinner table. As the place where family and friends share in food, fellowship and conversation, the dinner table serves as the “Hungry for Truth” symbol of open dialogue about food and farming. Images of farm families sharing a meal with non-farming families will be featured throughout the initiative.

Before launching “Hungry for Truth,” South Dakota Soybean conducted research on the biggest questions South Dakotans have about the safety and health of the food they eat. The results showed that most questions centered on crop protection products and biotechnology in crops.

Hear about the genesis of “Hungry for Truth” from South Dakota soybean farmer-leaders: