Transporting Soybeans from the Field to Producers’ Bank Accounts

Soybean Truck

After harvest, 60 percent of the state’s soybean crop is shipped by truck or rail to export terminals primarily in the Pacific Northwest or by barge to terminals along the Gulf Coast. With an interstate highway system and direct rail lines to the West Coast, South Dakota farmers can get their soybeans to overseas terminals quickly and efficiently. In fact, research from the United Soybean Board has proven that it is both cheaper and faster to ship soybeans from the U.S. to China than it is from Brazil to China.

The South Dakota Soybean checkoff invests in the Soy Transportation Coalition, which is an organization dedicated to ensuring agriculture’s transportation competitiveness. The Soy Transportation Coalition’s goal is to position soybean industry stakeholders to benefit from a transportation system that delivers cost effective, reliable and competitive service. Check out the following resources below for more information on the Soy Transportation Coalition: