Soy Uses

Moving the Soybean Beyond Food and Fuel

You can eat soybeans, and you can even use them to run engines — but did you know you can also use them to shampoo your hair?

Well, not the entire bean, but thanks largely to checkoff-funded research, soybeans today are used in the production of shampoo, along with personal care lotions, crayons, soy plastic and more.

In many instances, the use of soybeans in non-food ways accomplishes two positive outcomes: it creates a new market for soybeans and displaces the use of a petroleum-based ingredient or synthetic chemical. That’s good for soy producers and good for the environment. Soy-based products also often provide improved worker safety while maintaining high performance characteristics. Research to find new applications for these products continues in an effort to use even more U.S. soybeans.

You can help by doing your part to create consumer demand by purchasing soy-included products. For the latest in an expanding list of uses for soybeans, visit For the latest information regarding Biobased Soyutions for the government, visit

  • Biobased Solutions for Government The Federal government spends billions every year on products and supplies. Find out how soybean groups are fighting to win some of that business.
  • Soy insulation, truck liners, pillow foam, soy-based turf are replacing plastics from crude oil, and it’s even happening in South Dakota.

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