Soybean Science

South Dakota soybean farmers, with support from their checkoff organization, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (SDSRPC), are excited to introduce Soybean Science. Soybean Science offers FREE educational resources to aid in teaching scientific concepts.

The intent of the three-lesson series “The Science of Genetically Modified Organisms” is to establish or enrich an introductory genetics unit with practical applications of how genetic modification will change physical characteristics of an organism using soybeans as the example genetically modified organism (GMO). These lessons could be taught in series, as individual lessons to support the current curriculum, or pulled apart for supplemental activities to support existing lessons. Visit the website to download the lessons & for more resources.

Why Soybeans to Teach Science?

You work hard to teach science and soybean farmers greatly appreciate it. To be successful, soybean farmers depend on many professionals including geneticists, plant breeders, agronomists, chemists, engineers and many others to help them be successful in the field. All of these careers depend on a solid science background which teachers like you provide. Nearly all of your students have driven by a soybean field but few, if any, recognize that the “simple” act of growing soybeans is a tremendous opportunity to see science concepts in action.

To help invest in future generations of scientists and science-literate citizens, South Dakota soybean farmers have created Soybean Science to develop and share well-designed, engaging instructional resources using soybeans as the context for making science relevant (and hopefully a little fun).