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The Soybean Pod

Bruce Haines is Harvesting Hope: The Rise of South Dakota's Soybean Industry

Jun 26, 2024

Mitchell farmer Bruce Haines is amazed at what he witnesses every day on the horizon. “I see something that is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime,” said Haines, excited about progress toward completion of South Dakota’s latest soybean crush facility. The structure represents what Haines says is an opportunity to build soybean demand. Haines decided against following his grandfather and father into veterinary medicine, venturing instead into ownership of McDonald’s restaurants. His first love, however, is turning soil every spring. “Is this Heaven?” he asks. “No, it’s just a farm field in South Dakota.”

John Mollison On Houdek serving the aquaculture market

May 22, 2024

“We absolutely need aquaculture in the world.” A South Dakota company important to soybean demand was born to serve the aquaculture market. That company – Prairie Aquatech – expanded its mission to include pet food and is now Houdek. John Mollison, who does communications for the company, explains in this edition of The Soybean Pod why the company is now known by the name of eastern South Dakota’s native soil and why aquaculture is so important to the protein needs of Earth’s growing population. We also get personal with a dive into the beginnings of my and Mollison’s decades-old friendship, which began in a recording studio promoting pizza.

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