United Soybean Board

The 73 volunteer farmer-directors of the United Soybean Board oversee national soy checkoff investments to maximize profit opportunities for all U.S. soybean farmers. The soybean checkoff is supported entirely by soybean farmers with individual contributions of 0.5 percent of the market price per bushel sold each season. The efforts of the checkoff are directed by the United Soybean Board, composed of 73 volunteer farmer-leaders often nominated by their state-level checkoff organizations, called Qualified State Soybean Boards (QSSBs). The nominees are appointed to the board by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

If you are interested in becoming a director on the United Soybean Board, please contact the South Dakota Soybean office at (605) 330-9942 for more information.

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Tim Ostrem

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Dawn Scheier