The Soybean Pod

We are bringing you the best soybean stories on our NEW podcast, with our host Tom Steever. Introducing The Soybean Pod, where we’re discussing the incredible soybean, the people who grow it, and why that crop is so important. Brought to you by South Dakota soybean farmers and their checkoff.

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The Soybean Pod

David Iverson representing South Dakota during his time on WISHH

Dec 02, 2022

David Iverson is proud to have followed the footsteps of three generations before him on his Astoria, South Dakota farm. He’s just as proud to have represented South Dakota soybean growers during his time on the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) Committee. He is particularly pleased with the committee’s activities that improve the nutrition of children in third-world countries. In this episode of The South Dakota Soybean Pod, David talks to host Tom Steever about his service to WISHH, his farm, and the calm he finds in tending flowers and riding a bike through the Brookings County countryside.

Renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and impacts on livestock production with Dr. Bob Thaler

Oct 28, 2022

Burgeoning production of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and biodiesel is going to be transformational, in a good way, for livestock producers and the environment, according to Dr. Bob Thaler, interim head of the Department of Animal Science at South Dakota State University. In this episode of The South Dakota Soybean Pod, the Distinguished Professor and extension swine specialist tells host Tom Steever that processing more soybean oil to meet fuel demand results in more soybean meal to feed livestock. Fascinating is Thaler’s take on what this will mean for hog manure and its fertilizing characteristics.

SD Soybean from the beginning with Jerry Schmitz

Sep 20, 2022

In the Elk Point ambulance barn, the South Dakota Soybean Association was born. Co-founder and current Executive Director Jerry Schmitz recalls the early days with host Tom Steever for the inaugural episode of The South Dakota Soybean Pod. Jerry shares insights on the history of the South Dakota Soybean Association and South Dakota Soybean Checkoff, and how they work together to develop markets and grow demand for soybeans.

Farm to Foreign Countries Dawn Scheier Building Relationships on a Global Scale

Sep 16, 2022

Why do farmers travel the world? In this episode of The South Dakota Soybean Pod, Dawn Scheier shares stories of her travels and how the U.S. Soybean Export Council leads missions to far corners of the globe developing new markets for soybeans worldwide. The best part for the Salem, South Dakota farmer has been the enduring relationships with foreign customers of South Dakota soybean farmers

Leadership, Growth, and Reaching New Heights with Tanner Hento

Sep 16, 2022

From his dream of practicing medicine to planting fields, Tanner Hento’s life changed course when adversity struck his family. He explains how the American Soybean Association Corteva Young Leader Program developed his leadership skills and sparked his desire to serve his farm, his community, and the South Dakota Soybean Association. In this episode of The South Dakota Soybean Pod, Hento shares what fuels his passion to climb literally to new heights.