South Dakota Soybean Association

Soybean Field

The South Dakota Soybean Association (SDSA) represents member producers of all sizes, giving them all a strong voice in the formation of legislation and public policy that affects long-term profitability of soybean producers and the industry as a whole.

SDSA is funded in part by voluntary membership dues. SDSA is different from the SD Soybean Checkoff because SDSA has the ability to advocate on behalf of legislation. By law, checkoff dollars cannot be used for advocacy.

SDSA is governed by a board of directors elected by members. Our board includes representatives from seven districts plus at-large representatives. SDSA’s goal is to be highly responsive to our members, advocating for them in all levels of government.

Mission Statement:
To improve the competitiveness and profitability for South Dakota soybean farmers through policy and education.

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