USDA has given no indication of how they will distribute Disaster Monies, Market Facilitation Payments or Prevent Plant

June 7, 2019

Secretary Sonny Perdue stated recently that details will probably not be released until mid-July because he wants farmers to base planting decisions on the market.

There has been a multitude of rumors floating around communities and social media about how payments will be made. Secretary Perdue has even called out a media agency for publishing “inaccurate” information.

According to Jerry Schmitz, Executive Director of the South Dakota Soybean Association, “The American Soybean Association and SDSA are making every effort to inform USDA and elected officials of the difficulties farmers are experiencing as a result of historic weather patterns and tariffs. Secretary Perdue has made it clear that he wants farmers to plant for the market. The bottom line is that farmers should base their planting decisions upon field soil conditions and market signals. The future of family crop and livestock farms depends upon it.”