Super Sprouts Program and Growing Contest

April 10, 2020

Calling all SUPER kids, parents, and educators! The South Dakota Soybean Checkoff is starting a new children’s program called “Super Sprouts” aimed to provide educational activities for families to do at home. South Dakota Soybean released videos, activities, coloring pages and a growing contest on our Facebook page and here on this blog. We hope to see many children and families get involved and learn more about planting, growing, and soybeans!

Super Sprouts Growing Contest

Congratulations to our 2020 Growing Contest winners! The tallest bean grew 17.5 inches in just 3 weeks!

About the contest: Seeds were mailed to each participating child and were planted in containers at home. Everyone was given three weeks (April 20th- May 11th) to grow their plants as tall as they could. The child with the tallest plant in each age category received a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card and a shout out on our Facebook page. A complete list of the instructions can be found here.

Age Categories: Kindergarten and Under, 1st-4th Grade, 5th-8th Grade and 9th-12th

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and information about our next contest!

Resources and Activities

This is a complete list of our Super Sprouts resources. Want more educational materials? Visit for our K-12 science lessons and curriculum.

Week 1:

Super Sprouts Coloring Page

Super Sprouts Growing Contest- Instructions

Super Sprouts Growing Contest- Journal (Optional)

Week 2:

4 Part Soybean Video Series by Into the Outdoors

Wacky Cake Recipe

Week 3:

Bean Book PDF by National Ag in the Classroom

Beef Coloring Page

Chicken Coloring Page

Pig Coloring Page

Week 4:

Soybean Scavenger Hunt

Soybean Car Crossword

Week 5:

Soybean Ag Mag from American Farm Bureau Foundation

Super Sprouts Ag Mag Worksheet

Week 6:

Homemade Soy Plastic

Week 7:

Soybean Coloring Page

Week 8:

Soybean Oil Play Dough

Week 9:

Conservation Scramble from American Farm Bureau Foundation

Week 10:


Week 11:

How It’s Made Soy Sauce

Week 12:

Soybean Oil Pancakes

Week 13:

Farm to Cart Game

Week 14:

Super Sprout Maze

Week 15:

Food from Farm – American Farm Bureau Foundation

Week 16:

Soybean Matching Game

This program is brought to you by South Dakota soybean farmers and their soybean checkoff.