See For Yourself Participants Share Experiences

July 5, 2014

Hear from three of the See For Yourself 2014 participants about their experiences last week in Washington. See For Yourself offered farmers the chance to see the soy checkoff in action and evaluate a wide range of checkoff activities. Selected farmer-participants visited several sites that demonstrated the soy checkoff’s efforts to improve the value of U.S. soy meal and oil; ensure soybean farmers and their customers have the freedom and infrastructure to operate; and meet the needs of U.S. soy customers.

See For Yourself, Joe Lakness, Hazel from sdsoybean on Vimeo.

See For Yourself, Matt Bainbridge, Ethan from sdsoybean on Vimeo.

See For Yourself, Daryl Terveen, Emery from sdsoybean on Vimeo.