Letter to Farmers from the Chairman

December 22, 2023

Dear Soybean Growers and Industry Partners,

I trust this letter finds you well during the winter season, a time when many soybean farmers embark on global trade missions to connect with soybean buyers. As Chairman of the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, I am honored to share the stories of the hardworking individuals who contribute to the success of our soybean industry.

Our soybean market is influenced by various factors, both at home and abroad. Weather patterns, trade relations, and global economic conditions all shape the dynamics of commodity markets. As soybean growers, it's crucial for us to actively navigate these influences to ensure the continued success of our industry.

A cornerstone of our strategy lies in the thoughtful investment of soybean checkoff dollars. These funds, collected from soybean producers, play a vital role in supporting market development and beneficial investments for soybean growers. We prioritize diversifying market development to mitigate risks associated with global market fluctuations.

During the winter months, soybean farmers from South Dakota and beyond engage in important trade missions to connect directly with soybean buyers worldwide. These face-to-face interactions are invaluable, allowing our farmers to communicate directly with those who purchase the crops they work so hard to cultivate. These missions serve dual purposes—maintaining existing relationships and exploring new trade opportunities.

In addition to diversifying international markets, our checkoff dollars are carefully invested in various domestic initiatives, including sectors like renewable fuels, energy, and livestock. These strategic investments aim to diversify our market outlets and ensure a resilient industry that can handle challenges from a dynamic global market.

It's important to highlight that the foundation of this market development is the farmers growing and delivering soybean crops. Strengthening markets creates a stable foundation for our industry, providing a buffer against external uncertainties. We’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, further enhancing the long-term viability of soybean farming.

I want to express my gratitude for the unwavering commitment of soybean growers. Your dedication fuels our efforts to navigate the ever-evolving global market. Together, we can build a robust industry that not only sustains our livelihoods but propels us towards a future of growth and prosperity.

Chairman David Struck, Wolsey, SD


David Struck

Chairman South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council