Letter from the SDSA President

March 6, 2024

Welcome to the off season! Or so we always think it will be. As the marathon of harvest wraps up and we settle into the more “relaxed” time of winter, it never fails that spring sneaks up and reminds us that planting is just around the corner again. Short days and cold nights whisk past us on the calendar and make the winter months seem like a blur (or maybe that was just all the fog?). And whether you are staunch follower of wives’ tales or have a favorite weather person, Mother Nature will be sure to keep us on our toes as week navigate the excitement and anticipation of another crop year.

While our volunteer farmer leaders here at SD Soybean may enjoy some down time from the farm activities this winter, their time and attention shift to meetings, events, and duties that are asked of them as a director. It is no secret that soybean prices are not the most flattering currently. Thus, our directors continue to be engaged throughout the industry to develop new markets, maintain relationships, and foster growth. That growth comes from not only raw products but the many by-products’ soybeans have generated. Exciting innovations have seen soybeans used in places that could not always be imagined.

Some of our directors work and collaborate actively abroad, all of us continue to work here in South Dakota at our various events. From Soy100 to our Shop Talks, be on the lookout for events hosted by SD Soybean. These events help us disseminate information and gather feedback from you, the producer.

Farming is the greatest challenge that reaps some of the greatest rewards. As we look towards this coming growing season, challenges are plentiful. Commodity prices, weather, and input economics will continue to throw curve balls at us this spring. And while the farming landscape has changed through the years, the resilience of the South Dakota farmer continues through the generations. I pray that through the stress of crunching numbers, tilling the fields, and sowing the seed we reflect on how truly blessed we are to carry on one the noblest of professions. God bless and stay safe this spring!

Well wishes,

Kevin Deinert

SDSA President