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South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Announces New Officers

Nov 02, 2017

Soybean growers from Ethan, Brookings and Goodwin were elected to serve as officers on the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (SDSRPC).

Matt Bainbridge, farmer from Ethan and District 1 director, was elected as Chairman of SDSRPC. Craig Converse, farmer from Brookings and District 4 director, was elected as Vice Chairman, and Todd Hanten, farmer from Goodwin and District 6 director, was elected asSecretary/Treasurer.

These soybean growers are among a team of dedicated South Dakota farmers who are responsible for investing the state’s Soybean Checkoff dollars to support programs, research and promotion of soybeans to benefit all South Dakota soybean growers.

“Being farmer-led is important. We grow the soybeans. We know the issues facing farmers. And, because we farm in different areas of the state, we stay connected with farmers in our area, so we have a clear understanding of where we need to invest the checkoff,” explains Matt Bainbridge, a farmer from Ethan and SDSRPC Chairman.
Other soybean growers who serve on the board include: Tim Ostrem, District 2, Centerville; Dawn Scheier, District 3, Salem; Marc Reiner, District 5, Tripp and Michael McCranie, District 7, Claremont.

The SDSRPC board meets around six times a year to determine the research and promotional programs that will receive Checkoff dollars.

“As a board, we decide where every dollar that comes in for our state’s checkoff will be invested. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and it’s our job to make sure the funds are invested wisely and our projects have a positive impact for South Dakota soybean farmers,” Bainbridge says. “Serving on this board provides growers with a great opportunity to work with fellow farmers to drive the checkoff in a direction we believe is best for our industry today and into the future.”

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