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SDSA Announces New Farmer Directors and Leadership

Jan 17, 2021

South Dakota soybean farmers were elected to serve on the South Dakota Soybean Association (SDSA) board of directors during the 2020 SDSA Annual Meeting held virtually on Jan. 8.

“The future of soybeans looks very bright and there are many opportunities to grow our market domestically and abroad,” said Jordan Scott, a Valley Springs farmer elected to serve as SDSA President. “I am very confident in the leadership we have serving on this board. I trust that their decisions will impact South Dakota’s soybean farmers in a positive manner.”

SDSA is governed by a board of volunteer farmer-leaders who are elected by members of SDSA. The board includes directors from seven districts, plus some at-large directors.

President Jordan Scott said he is excited to serve South Dakota’s Soybean farmers with an engaged and passionate board of directors.

“As a board made up of soybean farmers, we understand the challenges facing South Dakota’s farmers today,” Scott said. “I am very confident in the leadership we have serving on this board and the dedicated professionalism of our staff. We have a world class staff that puts in countless hours for the betterment of South Dakota Soybean farmers.”

SDSA members elected the following South Dakota soybean farmers:

  • District 1: Brent Greenway, Mitchell, SD (former Corteva Young Leader)
  • District 5: Derrick Scott, Geddes, SD (re-elected)
  • District 7: Jamie Johnson, Frankfort, SD (re-elected)

The board held officer elections. Jordan Scott was elected to serve as President, Jamie Johnson was elected to serve as First Vice President; Mt. Vernon farmer, Kevin Deinert, was elected to serve as Second Vice President; Derrick Scott was elected to serve as Secretary and Brent Greenway was elected to serve as Treasurer.

SDSA also welcomes Corteva Young Leader, Taylor Elverson. As a Corteva Young Leader, Elverson will serve a one-year term on the board. At the end of the first year, she may choose to serve two more years.

In order to be on the ballot, all board candidates met the following requirements:

  1. Directors must become a member of SDSA to hold a board seat.
  2. Directors must live in a county from the district he or she is representing.
  3. Directors must produce and market a minimum of 250 bushels of soybeans on an annual basis.