Farmers and Firefighters Join Forces to Eliminate Forever Chemicals

May 02, 2024

This International Firefighters’ Day, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council encourages farmers to talk to their local fire departments about soy-based firefighting foam's health and environmental benefits.

Firefighters and farmers in South Dakota serve as the backbones of our local communities, united by a shared commitment to safety and service. As our first line of defense, firefighters face numerous risks navigating hazardous environments with smoke and carcinogens. Firefighters rely on various tools, including firefighting foam, to combat fires. However, traditional foams can pose risks, exposing them to harmful PFAS or “forever chemicals.” With farmer investment, the safer alternative SoyFoam™ TF 1122 eliminates this exposure, prioritizing the well-being of our first responders.

Cross Plains Solutions’ SoyFoam™ TF 1122 is the first and only firefighting foam GreenScreen Certified® at the Gold level. This partnership between Cross Plains Solutions and the soy checkoff gives firefighters one less thing to worry about while keeping our communities safe. SoyFoam is 100% free of intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and is made with no fluorines. It’s also certified ready biodegradable by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and is certified as 84% biobased through the U.S. Department of Agriculture BioPreferred® program.

"Seeing SoyFoam™ in action, it's evident we've found a remarkable solution. Not only does it effectively suppress fires, but it's also a game-changer for our environment. As a farmer, knowing that soybeans are being utilized in such an impactful way is incredibly gratifying. With SoyFoam, we're not just protecting firefighters; we're championing sustainability and safety.” David Struck, Chairman of the SD Soybean Research and Promotion Council.

Another benefit of SoyFoam for the soybean industry is that it’s made with soy flour. While soy-based products for biofuels, adhesives, coatings, lubricants and plastics primarily use soybean oil, SoyFoam uses the meal component of the soybean. With the growth of renewable diesel aimed at decarbonizing the transportation sector, finding new demand streams for the increased soybean meal crush, which makes up 80% of the bean, remains at the top of mind. Cross Plains Solutions estimates the current applications of SoyFoam™ TF 1122 have the potential to use the protein from 12 million bushels of soybeans, and new uses for the product, beyond firefighting applications, are on the horizon.

“We are proud to partner with U.S. Soy to launch this breakthrough firefighting foam for use by fire departments across the nation,” said Cross Plains Solutions’ Managing Partner Alan Snipes. “Our manufacturing plant in Georgia is ready to produce SoyFoam now, so fire departments can ask their suppliers to offer it. We also see demand for numerous additional applications, ranging from canisters to sprinkler systems.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that PFAS is found in water, air, fish, and soil at locations across the nation and the globe. Exposure is linked to several adverse health effects, including certain cancers, thyroid dysfunction, changes in cholesterol and small reductions in birth weight. So, mitigating forever chemicals through soy-based products can create a real impact, not only for the safety of our first responders but also to maintain the integrity of our local communities’ soil health, air quality and drinking water.

As we commemorate International Firefighters’ Day on May 4, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council urges local farmers to provide information to their local fire departments to use SoyFoam, not only to protect their firefighters but to safeguard their communities as well. To learn more about the product, visit

The South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council is dedicated to advancing the soybean industry through investing checkoff dollars in research, education, and promotion activities to enhance the profitability of soybean production in South Dakota.

GreenScreen® Certified is an independent certification program owned by the nonprofit Clean Production Action, which promotes the use of PFAS-free and preferred chemicals in materials, products, and manufacturing.

The United Soybean Board and Cross Plains Solutions brought together firefighters, U.S. soybean farmers, and Qualified State Soybean Boards for a real-world demonstration of SoyFoam™ TF 1122 in March 2024.
SoyFoam™ TF 1122 seamlessly integrates with current foam nozzles, inductors and pump pressures, requiring no adjustments to a fire department's existing standard operating procedures. SoyFoam is a wetting/smothering agent capable of extinguishing Class A (ordinary combustibles) and Class B (flammable liquids) fires.
SoyFoam™ TF 1122 extinguishes and controls fires safely without harmful chemicals, ensuring a secure foam blanket that is safe to touch. SoyFoam is proudly 100% free of fluorines and intentionally added PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), ensuring a safer and more sustainable firefighting solution.
SoyFoam™ TF 1122 emerging from a firefighter training building, demonstrating its ability to maintain a stable foam blanket and resist burnback even after direct flame exposure.


Mariah Kessler, Communications Director (605)330-9942