Please Provide Your Feedback on Corporate Farming Laws

June 24, 2015

The South Dakota Soybean Association is sharing this important survey to request your feedback on South Dakota’s corporate farming laws. The survey was developed by Senator Gary Cammack and Representative Mary Duvall.

During the 2015 Legislative Session, several bills were introduced dealing with agricultural development in South Dakota. One of those bills pertained to Chapter 47-9A – Corporate Farming Laws.

Since this law was adopted in 1974, it has been amended piecemeal fashion several times and may no longer reflect current needs in agriculture. Several agricultural organizations suggested this would be an opportune time to review that chapter and determine if legislative changes should be made.

You can help by filling out a very short survey. Sen. Cammack and Rep. Duvall want to gather input from those involved in South Dakota agriculture, to determine if any changes should be proposed to the Legislature. No legislative proposals have been developed, and it is possible that none will be suggested. Your responses to this survey will help guide discussions on the issue.

To take the survey, please go to: Responses are requested by July 1.

Thank you for your time and comments.