Losing yield from soybean diseases?

May 17, 2023

South Dakota State University researchers are seeking solutions and need your help. Through research funded by the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, SDSU researchers are collecting data from farms across the state. If you are experiencing pest and disease issues on your farm, please contact our office or the leaders on the projects below.

White Mold is a significant issue in South Dakota soybean fields. South Dakota State University is conducting a state wide disease survey and needs your help. SDSU pathologist Shyam Solanki is seeking data and samples from South Dakota farms.

Please contact Shyam Solanki for more information.

Phone: (701)936-1043

Email: shyam.solanki@sdstate.edu

SDSU is conducting a three-year project with the overarching goal of assisting soybean producers in adopting advanced technologies, including site-specific detection strategies in improving SCN management in infested fields. SDSU is seeking to collaborate with soybean growers to work with us on this project.

Please contact Ali Nafchi for more information.

Email: ali.nafchi@sdstate.edu