Letter from the Checkoff Chairman

March 26, 2024

As we approach the upcoming budget season, I find myself reflecting on the incredible strides we have made as an organization and as individual farmers in the soybean industry. It is an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Sd Soybean Research and Promotion Council and represent the hardworking farmers of this great state.

Our board is gearing up to carefully consider numerous proposals that wisely invest soybean checkoff dollars. We understand the importance of making strategic decisions that will foster the growth and sustainability of our soybean industry. From market development to biofuels, livestock, transportation, trade, research, new uses, and consumer outreach, we are committed to exploring diverse projects and programs that will benefit South Dakota soybean farmers.

As a farmer myself, hailing from Wolsey, SD, I recognize the challenges and opportunities that come with each planting season. The spring season marks a period of heightened activity, with the promise of growth and success. It is essential, however, that we do not overlook the importance of safety during this busy time.

I want to take a moment to encourage each and every one of you to prioritize safety on your farms. Whether you are in the fields, operating machinery, or handling various tasks associated with planting, please be vigilant and take the necessary precautions. By adopting and promoting safe practices, we can ensure a smooth and productive planting season while safeguarding our most valuable assets – our farmers.

In the spirit of camaraderie and shared commitment to our industry, let us all wish each other a happy and prosperous planting season. Together, we can overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and continue to strengthen the South Dakota soybean community.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Your efforts contribute significantly to the success of our industry, and I am confident that, with unity and resilience, we will achieve new heights.

Wishing you a safe and joyous planting season!


David Struck