Harvest Time - Letter from SDSA President Deinert

September 25, 2023

Start your engines! Doesn’t harvest always seem like a race that sneaks up on us? Here we are nearing the end of another crop year that seems to have gone by faster than it should have! While many of us have been farming for quite some time, it never ceases to surprise me how quickly the harvest season comes. With silage cutters making their way into the fields and combines getting their final run-through, the excitement of harvest is here.

SDSA President Deinert

With the arrival of fall, so closes one of the South Dakota Soybean Association’s busiest times of the year. From Shop Talks to Dakotafest and everything in between, SDSA has been busy advocating on our members’ behalf. We are in the thick of the Farm Bill discussions and for almost a year SDSA has continually conveyed the importance of a strong safety net for farmers here in South Dakota. We recognize the value of accessing new markets, maintaining a strong crop insurance program and making sure no harm comes out of the Farm Bill that would affect South Dakota farmers in doing what they love to do. Our national delegation continues to be very receptive to what our organization has to say and has been continually in contact to make sure our members’ interests are heard. We here at SDSA appreciate those who are currently members and if you are not a member, invite you to invest in our organization. SDSA continues to be a leader in the South Dakota agricultural landscape and that is only possible with the support of our members!

Like I mentioned before SDSA holds and participates in many events throughout the year that help us disseminate what we are doing and allows a platform for us to listen to what our members have to say. Our Shop Talks that we hold throughout the year continue to grow and provide great opportunities for dialogue. From legislative staff, soil health information, and Q & A with our farmer-led boards, these events provide a lot of value. Be on the lookout for more to come this winter and please make plans to attend! We always appreciate hearing from our members and those in the farming community.

As we near the end of another calendar year here at SDSA, I would be remiss if I did not express my appreciation for those in our “Soybean Family”. Over the years, we have had staff and directors come and go, but the passion we have for the organization has never wavered. I am humbled and inspired by what my friends and colleagues continue to do for the agricultural community. While my fellow directors and I are volunteers as we serve on the board, the amount of time they unselfishly give to the organization is amazing. You as members should be proud of what the SDSA staff and board have and will continue to do. With that, I invite those who may be interested in serving to contact our office. We are always looking for new leaders to serve and lead our organization.

May God bless us with favorable conditions this fall and protect each and every one of us as we rush through harvest. Stay safe and everyone and remember that while we want to be the first done, our loved ones count on us to come home!

- Kevin Deinert, President of the South Dakota Soybean Association