Grow Above and Beyond: Enter the South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest

June 19, 2016

Submit your entry form by August 31st for the South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest! The annual South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest was created to recognize and reward South Dakota’s top soybean producers. The contest encourages new and innovative soybean management practices, and it also provides valuable agronomic data for farmers across the state. (Not to mention there are some great prizes involved!)

New to this year’s contest, seed dealers can win too. Cash prizes will be awarded to seed dealers whose customers win.

SD Soybean Yield Contest Slider 2016

Remember– whatever your yields, the information you provide helps us develop best management practices, which you can use to improve your own yields. You can submit your entry form online here. For more information, call the South Dakota Soybean office at 605.330.9942.