Immediate Action Requested Foreign Ownership of Ag Land

February 15, 2023

Agriculture, banking, real estate, and many other groups testified against SB185 at the SD Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee meeting on February 14, 2023. Proponents were mostly government and government-related entities.

The South Dakota Soybean Association does not support SB185 because of the following:

  • We all support protecting national security, but it needs to be done prudently and thoughtfully. Not in a rush inspired by enflamed national passions.
  • The unintentional consequences of SD 185 could be enormous.
  • National security should be managed by Congress rather than a patchwork of legislation from 50 different states
  • Under SB 185, one person is given authority to decide whether the state will confiscate private ag land that has been sold.

We need to establish legislation that protects us without destroying our markets.

Listen to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee testimony on SB185 here:

Please call today and leave a message asking Senators to VOTE NO on SB185: 1-605-773-3821

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