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October 27, 2012

Guest Blog Post from Dawn Scheier, SD Farmer

I love food. As a farmer, a mom & a fitness buff, I understand the importance of a safe and wholesome diet. Not only do I enjoy preparing meals and sharing them with my family, but most importantly, I love the responsibility of delivering safe, nutritious and affordable food to dinner tables around the world.

Today, I’m celebrating Food Day 2012. October 24 is the “official” Food Day, but as a farmer, I celebrate Food Day each and every day. While I may not agree with all of the positions that the official Food Day advocates for, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with others about how our food is grown.

Right now, there has never been more interest in food and how it is produced, which is a tremendous thing. I encourage all people to celebrate today’s food. Here are a few ideas how each of us can do so:

• Choice! We all have a tremendous variety of choices in the food we provide our families. The best food choices for one family may not be right for another. But we should all have the opportunity to purchase foods that best fit our needs and values.

• Sustainability! Food system practices must be ethically-grounded, scientifically-verified, and economically-viable. Without a balance of these three elements, our food system cannot be truly sustainable.

• Farmers! Without farmers large and small, there would be no food. We are dedicated each day to growing safe, nutritious and affordable food for people in this country and those around the world. We are also committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the well-being of the animals we raise.

If you have questions about your food, I would encourage you to post a comment. I’m more than happy to answer them.

–Dawn Scheier

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