Final Letter from Retiring Checkoff Chairman

June 28, 2023

Hopefully, all of the timely rains are falling where we need the moisture to help us meet our soybean production goals. When we look back on the long winter, I know that I will treasure these summer days just a little more. Volatile grain markets challenge us to continue to ask the question: how can we increase the demand for soybeans? International trade is very important along with the increased focus on domestic soybean crush facilities. Within the next few years, there will be new soybean crush plants coming online here in South Dakota and neighboring states. The focus on renewable diesel has sparked interest in adding more crush facilities to the existing footprint. Livestock development will be vital to utilize the soybean meal.

Looking back on my time serving on the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council I feel proud to have served in this capacity. I enjoyed learning how the $7-8 million budget each year is formulated with the overall goal of returning more value back to our soybean farmers.

I want to assure all of you that our soybean checkoff is an important asset to all of us as soybean farmers. The Checkoff follows the necessary government statutes to be in compliance with checkoff investments. I have truly enjoyed working on many projects such as trade partnerships with USSEC & USMEF, the BioProducts Institute, Precision Agriculture Building, and providing pork through Feeding South Dakota. Throughout all of these important ventures, my goal has remained the same: How can we return more value to the South Dakota soybean farmer?

I want to thank my family for allowing me to dedicate time to serve on the soybean checkoff boards. Each time I was away from my family and farm someone had to take care of my duties, and I am grateful that they believe in this service. If you have an interest in serving on the soybean boards, please contact an existing board member, a former board member or call the SD Soybean office.

I also wish to thank the staff of SD Soybean for their hard work. We have a very efficient office staff who have the best interests of soybean farmers as their focus each day. My friends who serve on the South Dakota Soybean Association are wonderful colleagues in advancing the future of soybean production. I am proud to be a member and know they are working hard on our behalf to advance the interest of soybean farmers. Thank you to our elevator processors who collect and remit the checkoff. The collection is nonrefundable and the checkoff funds invested continue to provide a 12 to 1 return.

Serving on the Soybean Council has been an enlightening experience and reinforces my belief that by working in unison, farmers will pass a very bright future onto our children and grandchildren.

Have a great summer and growing season!

Jason Frerichs

Wilmot, SD