Checkoff Check-In: Mt. Vernon

May 12, 2022

Seeing the broader perspective

By visiting different communities and lifting up the individual voices of producers across the state, the Checkoff Check-In will celebrate the individuals and communities that have made agriculture the foundation of South Dakota’s growth and prosperity.

Mt. Vernon, Around here

Around here, we celebrate legacy. The next generation of farmers in the Mt. Vernon community, including Brent and Mollie Greenway, are honoring tradition while bringing new light to the agriculture industry.

Mt. Vernon, In the field

Farms widely vary in size, crops, livestock, family, and so much more. Diversification is essential to create balanced, full-circle family farm businesses. Mike Jaspers’ and Brent Greenway’s farms both exemplify sustainable, successful, diverse crop/livestock operations.

Mt. Vernon, Bean market insights

We recognize the importance of adding value to our commodities. One way to do that is through livestock. When looking at the bigger picture, Mike Jaspers sees how we all can work together to drive value of South Dakota products.

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