Bainbridge Family Welcomes International Visitors to Their Farm

June 17, 2012

This week, the Bainbridge family from Ethan, S.D., welcomed Chinese pork producers to their South Dakota farm. The evening kicked off with a farm tour, where the Bainbridge’s shared production practices and quality information with the group.

The trade team was here on a 10-day study tour of the Midwest. Sponsored by the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC), the group participated in the World Pork Expo in Des Moines last week. The trade team will continue their tour, also visiting swine operations in Nebraska and Minnesota.

The farm tour gave the Chinese group the opportunity to better understand production methods, as well as strengthen the relationship between Midwest soybean and pork producers and customers in China.

“We were very excited to host the trade delegation at our family farm this week. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the quality of our crops, and also to build relationships with our overseas customers and the end users of our product. Over half of South Dakota’s soybeans are exported, with close to 30% of South Dakota’s total soybean crop going to China. As farmers, we are committed to learning more about our customers’ needs and doing our best to meet them,” said Matt Bainbridge, a soybean farmer and South Dakota soybean checkoff director.

In addition to touring different types of swine operations, the group also participated in a series of technical seminars hosted by SDSU faculty members on topics such as facility design, herd health, nutrition, reproduction and manure/nutrient management.

Matt Bainbridge, SD Soybean Checkoff Director, talks with the Chinese trade delegation about the quality of South Dakota soybeans.

Tan Jin, Senior Vice President for Tianzow Breeding in China, was amazed to see the size of our tractors!

Chinese pork producers had the opportunity to learn more about the soybean checkoff during their visit to the Bainbridge Farm.