Attend a Soybean Success Seminar This Week

January 29, 2014

Soybean Success SeminarsSouth Dakota Soybean invites farmers to attend one of the regional Soybean Success Seminars this week. These educational seminars will focus on management practices to help farmers increase soybean yields and quality. South Dakota Soybean has analyzed four years of Yield Contest data, and agronomists will present best management practices and trends at the seminars.
Soybean Success Seminar Locations

The Soybean Success Seminars will also feature recommendations on herbicide resistant weeds from Phil Stahlman, weed scientist at Kansas State University.

Phil Stahlman

Stahlman grew up on a farm in northwest Oklahoma and earned academic degrees in agronomy and weed science from Oklahoma Panhandle State College, North Dakota State University and the University of Wyoming. His research emphasizes integrated weed management in dryland cropping systems. He and colleagues discovered glyphosate resistance in kochia in 2007. Since then, he and his team have documented its evolution and spread throughout the Great Plains and have conducted numerous trials to develop alternative management strategies.

“I would encourage all soybean farmers to attend one of our regional meetings. The Soybean Success Seminars are an excellent opportunity to learn about new and innovative management practices, and see what’s working for other farmers in our state,” said John Horter, soybean farmer from Andover and president of the South Dakota Soybean Association.

Seminars are open to all soybean farmers and are free to attend. Registration is not required. Each seminar will conclude with a free, hot meal for attendees.

For more information, call the South Dakota Soybean Office at 605.330.9942.

The Soybean Success Seminars are managed by the South Dakota Soybean Association, and sponsored by the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council.