AgOutlook Conference & Tradeshow

November 23, 2017

Conference Features National Speakers Focusing on Market Trends, Return on Investment and Estate Planning.

The 13th annual AgOutlook Conference & Tradeshow will be Thursday, December 7, 2017, at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall in Sioux Falls, S.D. Hosted by the South Dakota Soybean Association, AgOutlook draws more than 1,000 farmers, industry representatives and thought leaders for the one-day event.

Along with networking opportunities and a trade show featuring 75 exhibitors, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council sponsors a lineup of nationally recognized speakers who will help farmers navigate the uncertainty of the future and teach them how to get their best return on investment with proper planning and strategy.

John Roach, Senior Market Analyst

John Roach grew up in south central Iowa on a grain and livestock operation, which sparked his interest in grain markets. His expertise in grain marketing and market analysis is founded on his four decades of experience, including starting his own independent consulting and commodity brokerage firm, and working with over 10,000 agribusiness customers both in the U.S. and abroad.

Roach will focus on market strategy and the grain market outlook for 2018. He hopes to connect growers with simple, easy-to-use tools to improve their marketing results.

“I enjoy talking with growers and learning their plans, concerns and the realities they’re facing this year,” he says. “I hope they’ll leave my session feeling encouraged and knowing better times are ahead.”

Carolyn A. Thompson,
Founder of Thompson Law

Growing up in rural Parkston, South Dakota, Carolyn Thompson felt driven to help farmers plan for the ups and downs of both farming and family life while pouring coffee at the Corner Café. This tug is what drove her to found Thompson Law, P.C., a law firm dedicated to providing its clients with the highest-quality estate planning resources.

During her time, Thompson will speak on the importance of planning for the future of the farm and how to avoid the common pitfalls faced by farming families with proper planning. She will share words of wisdom gained from her experiences in a small-town café and over 20 years of agricultural estate planning in the four-state region.

“I’m an entrepreneur with the heart of a teacher who happens to practice law in the beautiful world of keeping families families, farms farms, and businesses businesses,” says Thompson.

Randy Dowdy, World Record:
Corn & Soybean Bushels/Acre

For Randy Dowdy, a first-generation farmer from Valdosta, Georgia, and record holder for the highest soybean and corn yields, the primary focus of farming isn’t necessarily winning a yield contest. It’s the return on investment. His forward-thinking crop production strategy challenges the traditional and focuses on extracting as much yield as possible from each seed planted.

Dowdy’s presentation is titled, “Soybeans: What Are the Right Questions to Ask?” More specifically, he will focus on soybean production factors like soybean and soil fertility, usage of fungicides and PGRs, as well as irrigation.

“I believe in paying my success forward,” Dowdy says. “By this I mean, paying back the farmers, industry professionals, university personnel and neighbors who helped me when I began farming. I hope to help others in return.”

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