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December 12, 2014

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South Dakota Soybean Launches Hungry for Truth Initiative

You’ve likely noticed that, over time, a gradual but noticeable disconnect has occurred between consumers and farmers. People can get food production information from many sources, but there’s no better source for the truth about farming than farmers.

In a survey conducted in 2013, 82 percent of South Dakota soybean farmers told us they believe it is very important for consumers to have a better understanding about today’s farming. We then asked South Dakota consumers about agriculture, and by far, their top concern is healthy food. Their biggest concerns about food are the use of crop protection products and biotechnology.

Because of these findings, South Dakota Soybean farmer-leaders have committed to a comprehensive effort to connect with fellow South Dakotans and engage in discussions about food and farming. Our “Hungry for Truth” outreach initiative will help separate fact from fiction by bringing farmers and non-farmers together. By building on our shared values and engaging in open and honest discussions, we can grow consumer confidence. The “Hungry for Truth” initiative addresses issues that matter to our friends and neighbors, such as:

• Food safety
• Food production
• Use of crop protection products
• Sustainability of crop production
• Biotechnology

While many of our efforts are focused in the Rapid City and Sioux Falls markets, this is a statewide initiative that will be highly visible. We will connect with people through:

• Participation in key community events
• Television advertisements
• Radio advertisements
• Print advertisements
• News media stories
• Interactive website
• Social media
• Personal interactions

We support choice, and are thankful that both farmers and consumers have the opportunity to make the best choices for their farms and their families. We firmly believe that the more South Dakotans know about how their food is grown and about the farmers who grow it, the better they can feel about its safety and quality.

A Conversation Starter: Hungry for Truth from sdsoybean on Vimeo.