David Struck

District 5, Chairman
Dave Struck 650x650

David Struck is a fourth-generation soybean, corn and wheat grower who farms with his wife, Brenda, son Brady and dad, Duane. Actively involved in the day-to-day activities of his family farm since childhood – he started running tractors when he was 10 – farming is the only career Struck ever considered.

Struck is eager to serve South Dakota growers as a member of the SDSRPC board because, “it’s an opportunity to make a difference promoting South Dakota soybeans and the farmers who raise them.”

He adds that the promotional work SDSRPC engages in is essential to improving soybean markets today and into the future. “Most consumers are too far removed from the farm and don’t realize what it takes to produce food. The American farmer is good at what we do, which means most Americans don’t need to worry about where their food comes from. Because the SDSRPC board is made up of farmers, we have first-hand knowledge of the work that goes into raising our quality product and can help get our story out.”