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South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest Participants Continue to Break Records

Scott McKee, a farmer from Union County, took home Overall First Place in the South Dakota Soybean Soybean Yield Contest with his record-breaking soybean yield of 106.6 bushels per acre, breaking his previous record of 103.7 bushels per acre from last year’s contest. Read more.More >>

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New York Remains Committed to Bioheat® and Biodiesel

Whether for transportation fuel, heating oil, or simply to help clean up the air, New Yorkers are committed to using biodiesel and the biodiesel-based home heating oil alternative known as Bioheat®. Read about a few of the leaders driving demand for U.S. soybean oil through increased biodiesel usage in the Big Apple. New York City […] More >>

South Dakota Ag Minute

Soil Health Conserves Resource Increases Productivity

Farmers are utilizing various conservation practices such as cover crops and no-till farming to improve soil health and preserve this valuable natural resource. Michelle Rook looks at why this is important for farmers, but also how it benefits consumers.

Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News air date 2-9-16

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