Biodiesel Fuel Credit Program

Using biodiesel — which is made with soybeans — helps South Dakota farmers by increasing supply and demand. Now we’re making it easier for you to use biodiesel with this special program.

We’ll help you find biodiesel through distributors and fuel brokers. Plus, we’re giving great financial incentives!

Fuel credits for reimbursement:

  • Biodiesel blends of B99 or B100: $1.00 per gallon.
  • Biodiesel blends lowe than B100 will be prorated to $1.00 per gallon.
  • Maximum reimbursement will not exceed $2,500.

Fill out the Form to Apply for the Biodiesel Rebate Program

  • ** Your participation in the biodiesel rebate program is not confirmed until you're notified by the South Dakota Soybean office.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Reimbursement is available on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Participants cannot resell fuel.
  3. The minimum tanker load must be at least 2,000 gallons to be eligible for reimbursement.
  4. SDSRPC reserves the right to determine eligibility for all applicants.

To participate:

  1. Sign up with Adam Kask at SDSRPC by calling him at 605-330-9942 or emailing him at
  2. Submit your receipt that incudes:
    – Contact information of vendor you purchased from
    – Biodiesel blend level
    – Number of gallons purchased
    – Send information to:
    Adam Kask

    5000 South Broadband Lane, Suite 100
    Sioux Falls, SD 57108
  3. SDSRPC will approve and authenticate your receipt before issuing reimbursement.