Welcome to SD Soybean’s New Look!

South Dakota Soybean has a new look, and we’re excited to show it off!

Welcome to the new and improved www.sdsoybean.org! Our updated site features a number of valuable resources on soybeans. Whether you’re a farmer who needs to check the markets, or a consumer interested in learning more about soy uses, you will find plenty of information at your fingertips.

South Dakota Soybean has an excellent story to tell. Soybeans are the world’s leading provider of protein and oil. South Dakota alone grows over four million acres of soybeans, making us the eighth largest soybean producing state in the US.

The Scoop on Soybean will highlight the latest on what’s happening in the soybean world. We will cover everything from the research we’re working on, to new uses for soy. Moving forward, we hope to spark a sincere conversation and connect with our readers.

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