The Faces Behind SD Soybean

Ever wonder who’s behind South Dakota Soybean? Read this post to find out! Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us if you have questions about the soybean industry, your checkoff dollars or projects.

Jeremy Freking

Position: Executive Director

Jeremy serves as the executive director for both the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council and the South Dakota Soybean Association. (Check out our ‘Who We Are’ webpage for more information on the two organizations) As executive director, Jeremy fills a number of different roles. Not only does Jeremy manage staff and coordinate resources, he implements policies and projects outlined by the boards. He also represents the organizations on state and national levels.

Jeremy has his degree from the University of Minnesota in agricultural industries and marketing. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys golfing, grilling and spending time with his niece and nephew.

Best Bean Fact: “Soybeans are incredibly versatile. Soybeans have a countless number of uses, and are an excellent source for food, fuel and fiber.”

Sue Edwards

Position: Operations Manager

In her role, Sue is responsible for handling the basic operations of the office. Sue manages everything from the accounting aspects, to arranging travel to acting as a point of contact for elevators.

Sue has a degree in business from Colorado Technical University. When she’s not at work, Sue enjoys gardening, cooking, bowling and “spoiling her grandkids.”

Best thing about soy: “The soybean is such an interesting little bean! I love to cook, so I’ve really enjoyed learning about the countless ways it’s used in food.”

Betty Fyler

Position: Program Director

As program director, Betty has organized many educational and promotional events over the past 14 years, including South Dakota Soybean’s annual AgOutlook, Biodiesel Ice Cream Social, Soybean Golf Open and Yield Contest. Besides planning events, if you have a question about Association membership, Betty is the one to ask!

Betty graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in home economics, and is a member of the Sioux Falls Professional Home Economists.

In her spare time, you can find Betty gardening, camping or fishing. According to Betty, “I am also ‘hooked’ on playing Scrabble with my Facebook friends.”

Best thing about soy: “Soybeans are so unique! They are used in many different ways from crayons to home insulation. Many food items contain soy and most people don’t even realize it!”

Position: Communications Director

Sarah is the Communications Director for South Dakota Soybean. Sarah tells the story of soybeans through South Dakota Soybean’s newsletters, magazines, website and even this blog. She is also behind the tweets from @sdsoybean and SD Soybean’s Facebook page.

Sarah graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in journalism and mass communications. Away from the blogs and tweets, she enjoys cooking, baking cupcakes and traveling.

Best Bean Fact: Soybeans are the biggest source of consumable protein and oil in the world. Soybeans produce at least twice as much protein per acre as any other major vegetable or grain crop.