SD Legislator Experiences Harvest 2011

South Dakota legislator Shantel Krebs climbed aboard a combine on Thursday to ride along with SDSA director, Kevin Scott. Kevin and Shantel had the opportunity to visit about issues impacting agriculture, including watershed management and infrastructure needs. Shantel even had the chance to harvest a few rows on her own!

Check out what Senator Krebs had to say about her 2011 Harvest Experience:

Shantel and Kevin were paired up through the SD Department of Ag’s new program, Harvesting with the Ag Stars. The program invites state legislators to climb aboard a combine for a few hours this fall. Eighteen willing state legislators have been paired up in their districts with farmers to ride along during harvest and hear directly from constituents about the challenges and opportunities in agriculture.

“This is a chance for farmers and legislators to develop relationships and heighten the awareness of agriculture,” said Walt Bones, South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture. “Many of the legislators grew up on a farm, but things have changed so much during the last decade that it’s great to show them the new technology we use in combines these days.”