Scoop on Soybean Travel Spotlight

Guatemala & Nicaragua

David Iverson, president of the South Dakota soybean checkoff board, is in Guatemala & Nicaragua this week for World Soy Foundation (WSF) and World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) conference and project visits. In addition to serving on the state checkoff board, David is chairman of WISHH and also sits on the WSF board.

The World Soy Foundation and WISHH are two national soybean organizations with similar goals, however each organization serves a different purpose. The World Soy Foundation is a charitable organization designed to reduce malnutrition across the world through the power of soy. Strictly acting as a humanitarian organization, WSF helps fund, support and coordinate programs that recognize the importance of the use of soybeans in developing sustainable food solutions.

WISHH is a program that brings the benefits of U.S. soy protein to developing countries where it can make a difference in lives today and in the future. WISHH also understands that developing nations of today are tomorrow’s customers for U.S. soy.  All of the top 10 export countries for U.S. soy is a current or former recipient of U.S. foreign aid assistance.

Both WSF and WISHH participate in several projects in Central America, particularly in Guatemala and Nicaragua where malnutrition is a significant problem. In Guatemala, 50% of 5-year-olds suffer from chronic malnutrition, with some areas of the country experiencing rates of malnutrition closer to 90%.

The World Soy Foundation has brought several soybean stakeholders, nutritionists and local businesses together for a corporate social responsibility conference in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Sponsored by Cargill, the conference aims to connect and educate people on the need to decrease rates of malnutrition.

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