Impromptu Field Visit in the Mekong Rice Bowl

Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in Asia. The Mekong River Delta is the rice bowl of Asia, and they are able to harvest 3 rice crops a year.

We were fortunate enough to see a rice harvest in action. In Vietnam, the farmers cut and shock the rice by hand.

The rice farmers use a thrashing machine to separate the rice from the straw.

After the rice is separated, it is bagged and carried from the field.

You can see the line of farmers carrying the bagged rice from the field to the street.

Once the rice has been transported from the field, the farmers spread it on the road so the grain can dry.

Dave had a chance to take a photo with one of the rice farmers.

Walt and Dave take a look at some of the rice that was drying on the road.

Matt visited with some of the rice farmers in their field. I'm sure they were very surprised to see a bus full of Americans stop and trek out into their field!