Chào from Vietnam!

Chào from Vietnam! Chào is how they say hello in Vietnamese.

We arrived in Vietnam late on Monday evening, and Tuesday morning we had a four-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City to the city of Sa Dec. It was excellent to see some of the country side in Southern Vietnam, and learn more about the people and the culture. Vietnam is definitely a very bustling country full of entrepreneurs. Nearly everywhere you look you see scooters, motorcycles and little shops. It is unbelievable!

This lady is selling fruits and vegetables in the market. Everyone here is so friendly, and are always smiling and waving!

Marc stands on a typical Vietnamese street. Everywhere you go, the streets are bustling with people on scooters and bikes.

The city of Sa Dec is almost an epicenter for aquaculture in Vietnam, and we’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of feed mills and fish farms. Bob Metz, a SD farmer who is on the trade mission shares about what we’ve learned in Vietnam. (Please excuse the noise, it’s a very busy city!)

Tomorrow, we’ll post more about Vietnamese aquaculture, so be sure to check back!