South Dakota Ag Minute

The “South Dakota Ag Minute” Starts Now.

Reporter Michelle Rook has all of the angles on agriculture. These quick videos highlight a wide range of agricultural issues that impact every South Dakotan.

New Farm Bill Benefits Both Farmers and Consumers

Congress has passed a new farm bill which provides an important safety net for farmers, but more than 80-percent of the $867 billion bill goes towards food and nutrition programs which benefit consumers. Michelle Rook takes a closer look. Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News

SD Soybean Yield Contest Winner Sets Record

2018 was a year of record soybean production in South Dakota and that was reflected at this year's South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest. The winner was Doug Van Duyn with a record 113.94 bushels per acre. Michelle Rook looks at how the contest is helping farmers push their yields and why that also benefits consumers. Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News

AgOutlook Focus on New Markets and Production

2018 was a tough year for soybean farmers. However, they're looking ahead at new markets and opportunities to improve their production. That was the focus of this year's Ag Outlook 2018. Michelle Rook takes us there. Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News

Infrastructure Priority of New Congress

The new Congress is signaling infrastructure will be a priority in 2019. Michelle Rook looks at why this is good news for farmers and the general public. Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News

Grain Piles Grow With Trade War and Low Prices

Low prices, a big crop and the ongoing trade war mean more on-farm storage of soybeans this fall. However, storage demands mean more grain piled on the ground or stored in bags. Michelle Rook looks at what this means for farmers, elevators and main street. Heartland Consumer Report on KELO-TV 5pm News