South Dakota Soybean Videos

Lights, Camera, Soybean Action!

What’s the story of soybeans in South Dakota and across the nation? We’ve created a collection of educational videos that help explain why such a small bean has a huge impact on our lives.

Soybeans Overcome a Challenging Year - 2017 SD Soybean Yield Contest

2017 was a challenging growing season in South Dakota. However, farmers still produced some near record soybean yields as evidenced in the South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest. Michelle Rook talked to some of the winners to find out their secrets to success.

Al Kluis on Marketing in 2018 for South Dakota Soybean Farmers

Welcome to Generation Soy

We're working together and growing together to give the next generation every advantage. The South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council represents the farmers of South Dakota. We're joining forces to generate cutting-edge technologies, explore emerging global markets and enhance the future for South Dakota soybean growers. Together, we're generation soy.

AgOutlook 2017: Carolyn Thompson

AgOutlook 2017: John Roach