Accounting Manager

Position: Accounting Manager– South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Counciland South Dakota Soybean Association

To Apply: All candidates must apply online through the State of South Dakota Career Space. Please submit your cover letter and resume on the state website.

Reports To: SD Soybean Executive Director

Background Information:

The Accountant is a full-time position located in Sioux Falls, SD. The South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (SDSRPC) is responsible for administering the federally legislated, soybean checkoff program at the state (South Dakota) level. SDSRPC’s mission is to enhance opportunities for South Dakota soybean farmers by investing checkoff dollars into marketing, research, education and promotional initiatives.

The South Dakota Soybean Association (SDSA) is the sister organization to the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council. Because checkoff dollars cannot be used for lobbying, SDSA is the advocacy and policy organization for South Dakota soybean farmers. SDSA is a voluntary membership organization, primarily farmers, who pay membership dues to belong.

SDSA’s mission is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the South Dakota soybean farmer through legislative and regulatory activities, and provide valuable benefits to their members. The SDSRPC contracts with the SDSA for administrative functions and works closely with SDSA on various activities.

Position Summary

Under the direction of the Executive Director, this position performs professional accounting work which requires the understanding and application of formal accounting principles and practices to ensure financial record keeping and procedures meet acceptable standards and are within compliance with United Soybean Board (USB) and United State Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Essential Qualifications

  • Requires a four-year degree in accounting, finance, business administration or other related field.
  • 2+ years of work experience in a relevant position.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Windows Operating System and Office Applications required: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Experienced in QuickBooks Pro.
  • Has a broad understanding of GAAP, governmental, financial and accounting principles and systems.
  • Budget reporting, project accounting, yearly audits and understanding of accrual accounting practices.
  • Exceptional attitude in a team-oriented and collaborative environment.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize several work assignments at a single time.
  • Passion for life-long learning and professional development.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Travels as directed within and outside of the state of South Dakota for various meetings and events.

Specific Responsibilities 

  • Invest, manage and expend SDSRPC’s financial resources as determined by SDSRPC’s respective board policies and actions, USB and USDA guidelines under the oversight of the Executive Director.
  • Implement accounts receivable/payable procedures to provide comprehensive record keeping of department transactions including invoicing.
  • Ability to plan, supervise, organize, direct and coordinate all finance related activities of SDSRPC, SDSA and contractors.
  • Manage all Accounts Receivable for both organizations, including invoicing and credit card processing.
  • Manage all Accounts Payable for both organizations.
  • Process bimonthly payroll for SDSA employees.
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop, implement and monitor all program budgets so project expenses stay within budget for accurate and detailed financial records.
  • Prepare and present financial reports to be presented at board meetings for approval and attend all board meetings.
  • Monitor revenue collection, balance accounts and make deposits as needed. Reconcile deposits with the journal.
  • Coordinate the annual audits of both organization’s financial records. Complete and submit audit reports to boards of directors, United Soybean Board and the State of South Dakota.
  • Serve as compliance coordinator for checkoff-related business, in coordination with the executive director. Assist in United Soybean Board routine compliance audits.
  • Supervise the processing of the soybean checkoff remittances, audits of first purchasers, remitting appropriate funds to other states and the United Soybean Board. Also, prepare quarterly payments of the checkoff to USB and other qualified state soybean boards (QSSB’s). Prepare all quarterly financial reports for USB and other QSSB’s.
  • Review on a quarterly basis the elevator listing from the state, to verify any new elevator listings or remove deleted elevators and maintain those elevator files.
  • Ensure grain elevators have access to the quarterly reporting remittance forms for the soybean checkoff collections.
  • Assist in auditing remittances from first purchasers.
  • Implement established fiscal record keeping procedures to comply with managerial, state, and USDA guidelines for recording grants and funding sources.
  • Maintain professional working relationship with respective board treasurers, and ensure appropriate board policies and procedures are followed.
  • Assist Executive Director in ensuring that all SDSRPC contracts are created, signed and implemented in a timely manner, and in compliance with State and USB audit guidelines.
  • Close out contracts and grants by preparing and compiling documentation. Ensure the timely and accurate payment of contractual obligations.
  • Make recommendations on financial process, technology and efficiency improvements.
  • Prepare and present annual revenue and expense forecasting for budget board meetings.
  • Ensure SDSA soy PAC compliance and campaign finance reporting requirements are met.
  • Routinely remind, prompt and advise the Executive Director of any pertinent SDSRPC financial issues or concerns so the organization can take prompt and appropriate action when necessary.
  • Implement budget guidelines into the daily business of the department as directed to ensure record keeping complies with established chart of accounts.
  • Experienced in understanding and implementing contracts and grants. Create contracts under the guidance of the Executive Director. Will need to develop and maintain contract and grant utilization reports and records.
  • Prepare year-end closing package.
  • Preparation of 1099s for individual contractors.
  • Oversee business accounts to assure tax exempt status.
  • Maintain responsibility for project accounting to determine appropriate charges.
  • Record and maintain timesheet files on all employees to include project accounting and sending bi-monthly timesheets to SD Bureau of Human Resources.
  • Work with all contractors and other state checkoff staff regarding budgets, contracts, and compliance issues.
  • Maintain adequate liability insurance policies for SDSRPC, as well as on employees, and review with Executive Director on an annual basis.
  • Represent SDSRPC at various meetings as needed, including at USB compliance and instructional meetings, and two state-staff meetings which require out of town travel on occasion.
  • View documentation for invoices and request and research if missing. Verify documentation/receipts for credit card expenses.
  • Maintain a web-based Project Management System and work directly with contractors and staff project managers when questions arise.
  • Assist Executive Director in budget preparation, maintain spreadsheets throughout the year. Assist other employees with budget questions relating to QuickBooks reports.
  • Manage monthly reconciliation between SDSRPC and SDSA, and manage monthly account balancing with State of South Dakota.
  • Work with third party accounting firm to assist in filing the 990.
  • File any state reports required by the State of SD as necessary utilizing the state of SD website.
  • Approve postage machine funds, reconcile departments for all postage.
  • Manage Verizon iPad plan, office lease, postage machine lease, copier lease and equipment repair, business reply permit, non-profit postage permit, and other office management duties as assigned.
  • Manage documentation and process payments for staff expense reports, board of director expense reports, and board of directors per diems as outline in board policies.
  • Assist with other SD Soybean activities and events as needed, including the Ag Outlook tradeshow, annual SDSA golf tournament and Dakotafest farm show.
  • Serve as coordinator for document retention policies and information requests.
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with SDSRPC and SDSA banks, auditors and colleagues.
  • Assume all other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director.