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Lights, Camera, Soybean Action!

What’s the story of soybeans in South Dakota and across the nation? We’ve created a collection of educational videos that help explain why such a small bean has a huge impact on our lives. 

Best Bean Practices - Soybean Storage Recommendations

South Dakota soybean farmers have built long-term relationships with our overseas customers who count on a quality and reliable product. Over 60% of South Dakota’s soybeans are exported overseas, and proper on-farm grain storage is the first step in ensuring this quality.

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Tags: South Dakota Soybean, storage and soybeans

Best Bean Practices-Soybean Cyst Nematode

Soybean Cyst Nematode is the number one yield robber in soybean production. Best Bean Practices examines how to detect them and prevent infestation.

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Tags: South Dakota Soybean, soybean cyst nematodes and soybeans

GMO 101

Morgan Kontz, farmer from Colman, SD, shares helpful information on biotechnology & GMO's. Please use this video for background information for the Video Contest.

Cast: sdsoybean


Best Bean Practices: Soybean Fertility and Nutrient Management

Proper fertility and nutrient management are key to increasing your soybean yields. Learn about management strategies to increase your yields.

Cast: sdsoybean

Tags: South Dakota Soybean and soybeans

Best Bean Practices: Soybean Integrated Pest Managment

Aphids and other pests can seriously impact yields. Learn about integrated pest management strategies in this Best Bean Practices video.

Cast: sdsoybean

Tags: South Dakota Soybean, soybeans, aphid management, integrated pest management and aphids

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